Our Motto is to Look Tough, Act Tough but no one gets hurt. Our Mission is to create a better world and one Black Belt Family at a time.

We are a Family Club, a place where families GROW STRONG TOGETHER. We promote Martial Arts to be performed under a family atmosphere. We invite all of your family members to join us to enjoy a great work-out and a great family time.
The studio has been in Russellville for over 30 years and it went on to be greater with the leadership from Mr. John Hubbard since 1991.  This studio has produced excellent Black Belts who are Leaders in every area of their lives, not just at the studio but everywhere they go. Our studio has the most qualified instructors in the River Valley Area, and we want to be called as Martial Artists who enjoy training, competing and sharing our experiences with other students and their families.

Russellville Martial Arts America

Come in and check us out!

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